Sanber supply and install a large range of fume cupboards (or fume hoods) and LEV systems designed to suit your bespoke laboratory requirements. We can also provide fume cupboard components such as bases or worktops, airflow alarms including upgrades to digital controls, service outlets and more.

Speak to us to arrange a full consultation to find the right fume cupboard solution for your laboratory design. All our products are designed and built to achieve the best in safety standards, including fume cupboards manufactured in the UK or in Germany with the Koetterman range. All of our fume hoods consistently meet the performance criteria for containment outlined in BS EN 14175 and HSG 258.

Fume cupboards and LEV systems

Our Fume Cupboard & LEV Systems services include:

  • Design and installation of fume extract systems
  • Fume cupboard design, supply and installation
  • Fume extract and associated energy conservation control systems
  • Annual servicing, repair and maintenance for extract systems, fume cupboards and microbiological safety cabinets
  • LEV design and testing to BOHS P601/2 requirements

We’re proud to be the UK agent for Köttermann range of laboratory furniture and fume cupboards.

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