Specialised Solutions for High Containment Laboratory Environments

In high containment laboratory environments, safety and security are crucial. At Sanber, we specialise in designing and constructing laboratories that meet the strict requirements of high-containment facilities, including those involved in biosecurity, biosafety, and biocontainment.

  • Biosecurity Protocols: We design laboratories with stringent biosecurity protocols to prevent the unauthorised access, theft, or release of hazardous biological materials.
  • Biosafety Measures: Our designs incorporate state-of-the-art biosafety features, such as negative pressure airflow systems, HEPA filtration, and decontamination procedures, to minimise the risk of exposure to infectious agents.
  • Biocontainment Facilities: We have expertise in designing and constructing laboratories with various levels of biocontainment, including CL3 / BSL-3 facilities, to safely handle highly pathogenic organisms and toxins.
  • Specialised Equipment: We work with industry-leading suppliers to provide specialised equipment and instrumentation for high-containment laboratory environments, ensuring optimal performance and safety.
Laboratory design

Why Choose Us:

  • Specialised Expertise: Our team has specialised expertise in high-containment laboratory design and construction, including experience with CL3 / BSL-3 facilities.
  • Compliance and Accreditation: We ensure that our high-containment laboratories meet the stringent requirements of regulatory agencies and international standards for biosecurity and biosafety.
  • Risk Assessment: We conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential hazards and develop tailored solutions to mitigate risks and ensure the safe operation of high-containment facilities.
  • Continuous Improvement: We stay up to date with the latest advancements in high-containment technology and best practices to continuously improve our laboratory design and construction processes.

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